Meet our natural treats for dogs.

Bravo offers a wide variety of wholesome, natural single protein canine treats, from our line of full-sized, dry roasted and freeze dried single protein treats to our bite-sized Training Treats. Like our raw diets, our treats share some important advantages...100% meat, poultry or seafood is always the ONLY ingredient - no added filers, preservatives, addtovoes or flavors. The poultry treats are NAE (No antibiotics EVER made from poultry fed a vegetarian diet, given open pasture access, And certified humanely raised. We use Grass fed New Zealand lamb and venison, which is also grass-fed and raised in open pastures. They are all natural, grain and gluten free and USA Made in our plant. Alongside our main meal frozen and freeze dried diets, they offer you the option to feed treats just as healthy as your pet's main meal. They complete out commitment to making healthy happen.



Learn about our bite-sized Training Treats too